“Turn It On” with Immersive RealismTM

When you turn on your theater does it return the favor?

We consumers have a myriad of possibilities for investing in multimedia and private theater entertainment. With little knowledge of electronics and acoustics most of us could assemble an area in our homes that looks and sounds good, too. If good is good enough then enjoy our website’s insightful content but our services are not for you. If you are looking to invest beyond today’s ordinary, everyday viewing and listening possibilities you will value our “design-build-tune” expertise.

Your overall enjoyment has less to do with the size of your budget and more to do with the focus of it. That’s right. It’s a synergy thing where the sum is greater than its individual parts. Clearly, some facets of theater design and construction carry more weight in a theater realizing its true potential. Our scientific knowledge and in-the-field, real world experiences sharpen our understanding of the critical path to a successful project. It gives us an edge figuring out and applying the necessary methods and practices to a project for you.

Hi-Definition Living is in business to help client’s decisions regarding private theaters, media rooms, multipurpose and interactive gaming areas, and concert-level listening environments. For us, a project well done delivers thrilling, oftentimes astonishing, experiences from film, music, sports, HD programming, and interactive gaming content. We design and build these entertainment venues so that your investment returns years of enjoyment and a distinct pride of ownership. We’ve even coined a term describing the out-of-the-ordinary experiences from our projects. We call it Immersive RealismTM, a phenomenon suspending your disbelief to a place where “perception is your reality.” What you see and hear seems real, and live “at that moment” to your senses.

HDL and Imagine Logos Side-By-Side

Your home is more than a place to live – it’s an expression of who you are. Our IMPACTSM services can help discover and enable entertainment solutions as unique as you are.

People know what impact is. We know it when we see it. When we feel it. When we are touched by it. The mediums of TV, cinema, and music can take us to places and moments that we would otherwise not have experienced. It’s witnessing the return of Maximus as entertainment for Commodus, the Roman Caesar, in Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator”. It’s sitting teary eyed as Jack Nicklaus follows his walk across the Swilcan Bridge of St. Andrews by shaking the windows of the old brick buildings as he birdied his final hole of major championship golf at the 2005 British Open. Or reveling in David Freese’s crushing a baseball high into the center field grassy area of new Busch Stadium to end Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. It’s the virtuosity displayed in the live performance of Cream with music luminaries Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker at Royal Albert Hall in London on PBS. It’s the paradox of playing a game of family touch football showcasing your throwing accuracy and afterwards being “roughed up” by your children playing Madden NFL 2011 in your big-screen multipurpose room.

We can place you closer “in” the action and “into” the experience than we imagined possible just a few years ago. The distance between being there “live” and experiencing a live performance is narrowing. Our private theaters deliver a breathtaking realism as compelling, as entrancing, as intimate in focus as the film director intended. Concert quality music feels hardwired to your bones. Interactive gaming is vivid and nuanced. If you’re thinking “e-x-t-r-a-ordinary” and squeezing the most out of your time and investments then our IMPACTSM services are just the vehicle to transport you.