Build a World-Class Theater Gallery

What Makes A Private Theater World-Class?

No two home theaters, listening rooms, and interactive gaming getaways are alike. “One size does not fit all” for our clients. We do not cultivate ordinary and that keeps it fresh for us. What works for a client is what works for that client. We draw from the amalgamation of our experiences and what has worked for others to attain a theater that speaks to each client’s desires and sensibilities. Our responsibility is looking after the design-build-tune details.

There are private theaters that reach another rung on the ladder. You may be inclined to think that its a money matter; not really. We’ve said it elsewhere on this website, “it has less to do with the size of your budget and more to do with the focus of it.” Our design-build-tune methodology works especially well when skilled, caring trades people buy into the design plan and follow it faithfully. Then even higher levels of Immersive RealismTM are just around the corner with viewing and listening experiences worthy of the distinction “world-class”. This is such a theater, one that reaches a lofty fusion of function, style, and performance. Moments after entering and finding your seat the sense of something magical coming is conveyed. Then your experience confirms it.

Photos can’t do justice to a world-class private theater. You see it in one dimension, the visual, yet the real experience touches all of your senses. Many photos have my builder notes on them. You’ll learn a few things about what takes place over many months of construction and tweaking to arrive at a finished product worthy of such lofty accolades.

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