Site Visits

What Happens Here:

We seek that artful balance of on-site visits, in-person meetings, and off-site support with the Owner, architect, builder, designer, audio/video install team, and other project contributors to keep the project flowing. Following convergence tuning of the audio, video and room environment, and a full theater test and walk-through it’s a thumbs-up for the climatic “Go-Live” ceremony.


Nothing’s better than face-to-face, hands-on involvement with the construction pros right in the middle of matters. While experience can catch problems before they hatch even when away from the job site, this is a very visual business and we benefit “being in-the-thick of things.” Subsequently, certain milestones in the project plan warrant keeping an even closer eye on progress. With the building trades in particular, it is a good idea – even when your A/V CI installer partner is local, to check-in on their work, and aid the understanding of all building partners the different and varied subsystems of a dedicated home theater and how they should come together. Actions of this nature will help the positive movement and feelings associated to the project.


Hi-Definition Living arranges timely on-site visits of the lead project manager and/or members of this team.