Room Dimension Analysis

What Happens Here:

Following the testing and analysis of room modes Hi-Definition Living will provide accurate, acoustically optimized room dimensions (LxWxH) for optimal management of low Hertz (Hz) frequencies.


While it may seem very important, bass and mid-bass sounds from a subwoofer(s) have an enormous effect on the overall theater and multimedia experience. The level of bass quality in residential-sized rooms is determined more by the room’s dimensions than by the size or investment made in the A/V system’s subwoofers and loudspeakers. Simply moving a wall a few inches can have a dramatic effect on the quality of the sound and your experience.

Hi-Definition Livings performs computer analysis and modeling of room dimensions for the Owner and the building and design team DURING the DD phase before room dimensions are decided. This allows the selection of room dimensions for audio, video, and gaming (A/V/G) to support “good behavior” and provides “larger floor coverage” for mission critical bass and mid-bass sound waves.

For less symmetrical rooms, computer modeling must be employed to understand the response.


Computer – generated drawings and project cookbook.