It’s Not Meant for a Family Room or Living Room.
It Doesn’t Have the All-Out Structural Construction and Acoustics of a Private Theater.
It’s an Existing (or Planned) Room Receiving Acoustics and Soundproofing Attention.
It’s the 21st Century Destination for HD Digital Media & Gaming.

Brought to you by PearlSM

For audio/video/gaming installations in existing residential home areas we have developed the PearlSM service. For a modest fixed fee a member of the Hi-Definition Living team will evaluate and test your intended space. We’ll provide a 7-point report for implementing the “Magic Layout” best suited for your intended (or existing) multimedia environment.

Considered hybrid areas for viewing and listening to digital entertainment, these environments are capable of reaching Magic Quadrant performance under more budget-friendly constraints. These hybrid areas are usually adjacent or close to a living (or family) room. Or it could be an unused space in the basement to be converted for this purpose. The room receives more sight and sound design attention than any other room in your residence with the exception of a dedicated, private theater. The décor is better suited for digital entertainment than a living room and doesn’t provide the reference-level performance of a private theater. It is a media area in the truest sense as opposed to living rooms or family rooms “with a big TV and loud sound.”

PearlSM stands for P eak E xperience A coustic R oom L ayout.
By minimizing or removing impediments, PearlSM promotes peak experiences with your new or existing A/V systems.

First, we have selected an array of service elements from our IMPACTSM service and developed specific procedures to bring your sight and sound experiences closer to the Immersive RealismTM experienced in our dedicated private theater projects.

Next, we evaluate a range of acoustic attributes and conduct listening tests of your intended digital media area(s). We will also evaluate your existing A/V electronics and video display performance against THX sound, and NTSC, ATSC, and SMPTE industry picture standards, respectively, for suitability in this room.

With analysis of both the room acoustics and your A/V electronics’ current performance our team will prepare a report containing practical insights, recommendations, and actions to bring out Immersive RealismTM in your experience. The report illuminates the what-why-how of:

  1. Preparing for the kind of viewing and listening experience that George Lucas, Steve Spielberg, and other renown film directors intended for home theater,
  2. Optimum and alternate Magic Layout locations for setting up your own room environment for maximum viewing and listening enjoyment,
  3. Recommended acoustic approaches to attain Immersive RealismTM experiences inside the Magic Quadrant,
  4. Detail of recommended improvements to bring out the very best your A/V/G systems and room environment offer. These improvements can be made systematically over a period of time, and in a budget that works for each client’s particular situation, and
  5. Present a A/V calibration and tuning service plan to realize immediate and lasting benefits from the increased A/V system performance and “better behaved” room environment experiencing the sojourn of Immersive RealismTM.

Our fees for conducting the Pearl service are subtracted from the dollar value of a signed, approved project. As Will Farrell’s character in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby says, “It’s all good.” For a client case study of our PearlSM services visit our “Answers” page and the 3rd question “If we want remarkable experiences without a dedicated, private theater – what’s possible?”.