Magic Layout

Loudspeaker & Viewing Locations

What Happens Here:

Applying a suite of computer-based modeling and predictive tools for room acoustics, Hi-Definition Living determines the Magic Layout and closest alternatives for the main seating area “at and around” the Owner’s chosen seats. The placement of all loudspeaker placements (e.g. – the front main (L, C, R), surrounds, and subwoofers) are addressed.


Without suitable test and analysis equipment your only alternative is to move the loudspeakers around the room and “play it by ear” to find the loudspeaker room combination (that’s 5 and more loudspeakers and the subwoofers). The problem with this random method is the large number of possibilities needing to be tested. To even the trained ear of an acoustician it could be a long, long time to arrive at a layout that works for the room. Once you have your room acoustically tuned the difference between disappointment and an immersive realismTM experience often comes down to trying dozens of combinations in speaker placement. We have a more accurate, more efficient way.

Hi-Definition Living’s suite of constraint-based simulation software profiles thousands (1,000s) of possible layouts in a given room and ranks the results so we can pinpoint the most optimal spatial (up walls and using floor spaces) locations for the loudspeakers and listeners in the room. It removes guesswork from the process.


Computer – generated drawings and project cookbook