Lift Your Viewing Experiences From Ordinary to Extraordinary

In the art and science of engineering sight and sound spaces there are matters never meant to be separate from each other. This is the case of the connection between perception and experience. Our minds associate to what-is reality, in a home theater context, by the combination of the senses (e.g. – see, hear, feel, touch, taste), and the resonation of feelings and emotions we link to it. Sound; what we hear – how we hear it – where we hear it – and in what ways we hear it – affects our experience (e.g. in private theaters, concert-quality listening, and interactive gaming environments) more than any other element in the achievement of Immersive RealismTM. Our IMPACTSM and PearlSM services emphasize the importance of sound engineering to realizing peak experiences.

“Existence has two aspects: samsara, which can be roughly defined as life’s normal craziness, and nirvana, which is boundless, indescribable freedom. The misconception is that enlightenment means going from A to B, when in fact it means realizing that A and B are never separate.”
Dean Sluyter

George Lucas, famous film director and visionary, says “Sound is 50% of the movie experience.” His comments take into account:

  • The connection between the soundtrack and video of the movie,
  • The room ambiance and the A/V system interface, and
  • The presentation (seating and furnishings, room aesthetics, pre-theater staging, …).

They are connected as boxcars are to the diesel locomotive engine at the head of the train. Each affects the other, and together they affect your overall attainment or lack of Immersive RealismTM

“Be an ocean rather than a wave.”
T. D. Rollings

Immersive RealismTM doesn’t merely materialize out of thin air. Our IMPACTSM and PearlSM services are designed for this.

Private Home Theaters, Concert-Level Listening Environments, and Gaming Getaways
Realize Their True Potential With IMPACTSM

Dedicated home theaters – a room designed and built, first and foremost, for the faithful reproduction of film – brings together a combination of skills and craftsmanship you will not ordinarily find in any other room of a home. Our work reminds people of an orchestra conductor who can bring together many instruments to play as one to attain immersive experiences for our clients. Every dedicated home theater project has its non-negotiable elements. It should be the one room in the home with the fewest compromises in acoustic design and sound isolation. A project could involve one-too-many compromises, namely:

  • Compromised acoustical and video design,
  • Compromised playback performance of audio and/or video systems,
  • Compromised environment, most notably, the engineering of sound isolation,

If we determine a project is burdened with the weight of one-too-many compromises we are prepared to ask “Do you really want a dedicated home theater?” This would be a good time to reassess the priorities given to the many different ingredients associated with the design-build-tuning of this dedicated theater room. It may not have much, if anything, to do with the budget, but something to do with the focus of it. Our IMPACTSM services are designed to get you into seats where Immersive RealismTM lifts your viewing experiences from out-of-the ordinary to extraordinary levels . It’s no coincidence our multimedia areas become one of, if not the, most popular areas of a home. From the moment we start to the conclusion of the project our goal is providing immersive experiences for you, your family, and those lucky friends of yours for years to come.

Secrets to a Successful IMPACTSM Project

What does the construction of a dedicated, private home theater have to do with the design of a railroad system?

IMPACTSM can bring the best possible viewing experiences to your private theater, listening room, and interactive gaming environments in similar ways. There is no substitute for thoughtful planning and design. These services are the train track for your dedicated home theater project to travel to its final destination.

What are some of the best practices successful sight and sound projects have in common?

  1. Our designer’s early involvement with the client’s architect, builder, and interior design team during the design and planning stages of construction (PLAN).
  2. Stakeholder responsibility to specify the materials and construction methods to meet the acoustical and sound isolation properties of the room/space/area’s intended use (DESIGN)
  3. Coordination on the interior design to achieve an aesthetic balance with the architectural features (e.g. mouldings, columns, lighting, fabrics, etc.) in ways that turn them into assets in the overall acoustic plan (DESIGN, BUILD).
  4. A pre-construction acoustical analysis to ascertain suitable room dimensions to meet the criteria for optimum support of low and mid-range sound frequencies (DESIGN).
  5. Team-like coordination with the homeowner, architect, the general contractor, and building trades to bring about a seamless integration of our designer plans inside the larger construction project (BUILD)
  6. The freedom of selecting the optimum location of A/V/G electronic components, speakers, subwoofers, seating, and viewing supporting our client’s “Magic Layout” (LAYOUT).
  7. The complete debugging, testing, calibration, and tuning of the client’s sophisticated home theater audio and video systems by a certified home theater technician brings the dedicated home theater room and A/V/G electronics systems into harmonic balance (TUNING).

For a review of IMPACTSM core service elements visit our site area titled “Design-Build-Tune Services” from our home page or [click here].

To end, a Zen kōan:

Three friends are walking along a country road. They see a man standing atop a nearby hill.

The first friend says, “He must be standing on top of the hill to look for his straying cattle.”

The second one says, “No, I think he’s standing on top of the hill to find his lost traveling companion.”

The third says, “Perhaps he’s standing on top of the hill to enjoy this pleasant breeze.”

Unable to agree, they climb the hill and ask the man, “Are you standing on top of this hill to look for your cattle, to find your companion, or to enjoy the pleasant breeze?”

He replies, “No, I’m just standing on top of this hill.”

In a private theater by Hi-Definition Living it will be you in an Immersive RealismTM experience.