Electrical Services

What Happens Here:

Submit drawings and specifications for isolated ground, dedicated electrical service to the theater room and A/V storage rack closet including call-outs for all-line commercial-grade powerline conditioner, the wiring, circuiting, and grounding specifications, and electrical outlets (i.e. – 3-wire traditional and GFI).


While all A/V playback systems need electricity the current giving power is wrought with the potential for destructiveness. Most of us have experienced at some point the effects of too much current, that of a bolt of lightning, co-existing with your electrical service. However brief, unless you have one of a number of fail-safe conditioners, breakers, and isolators on the same circuit between your appliances, they will get fried.

Electronic equipment performs best and reliably with consistent 120v power. Our city’s power grid doesn’t feed us 120v with any consistency. The electrical service in your home doesn’t have any intelligence to direct clean power to one service run and not-so-clean power to another. Therefore, in home theater design we work to separate it from problems. The preferred, most cost-effective approach is to run a separate, isolated ground service line for all A/V system needs and provide full power conditioning coverage on all devices. It works, pure and simple.


Computer – generated drawings and project cookbook.