We bring dreams to life by designTM.

We’ve been around the block a number of times designing, building, and tuning private theaters. Each project, much like people, have their own personality. No two client’s tastes are alike. That’s why they are called “custom” private theaters. That’s part of the fun we have at Hi-Definition Living – we follow well-honed paths (e.g. – methods, processes, and skills) yet, inevitably, projects present a fork in-the-road; a path just for that particular project. We’ll adapt, continue our work and find ways to optimize, minimize, and neutralize along the way targeting Immersive RealismTM experiences for our clients.

“For nothing is ever what you expect it to be, nor is it quite like anything else.”
Joyce Carol Oates

Constructing a Statement of Work

The “statement of work” for the project results from discussions with the homeowner, and the construction stakeholders, namely, the design and building team. Building a private theater, listening area, or interactive gaming getaway is details-details to some, and to others a homage to undeviating craftsmanship. It is what it is. We try to keep-it-simple with efficiency in our movements, and effectiveness from our efforts. To do this we, the Owners, and all stakeholder builders, designers, and subcontractors need to be operating on the same page in the spirit of cooperation.

Common Core Services
These tasks are typical of IMPACTSM core service steps and deliverables:

Development of the Theater’s inner structural elements (e.g. – framing, sound loaded vinyl barrier, decoupling, isolating and gap caulking) as needed to meet/exceed intentions for the room’s sound clarity, sound transmissions, and the removal of external noise and vibration.
Following the testing and analysis of room modes Hi-Definition Living will provide accurate, acoustically optimized room dimensions (LxWxH) for optimal management of low Hertz (Hz) frequencies.
Applying a suite of computer-based modeling and predictive tools for room acoustics Hi-Definition Living will specify the Magic Layout and alternatives for the main seating area (i.e. at and around the Owner’s chosen seat(s)) and all loudspeaker placements (e.g. – the front main (L, C, R), surrounds, and subwoofers).
Submit guidelines for builder and building trades encompassing standards-of-construction in the selection of inner structural elements, outer framing, nailing standards, RC installation guidelines, flooring, steps and underlying bass management design, sound isolation practices, door/door sweeps, and inner structural enclosure sealing.
Specify via CAD diagram(s) the locations and layout of the wall and ceiling-mounted acoustic treatments (e.g. – diffuser, absorbers, reflectors, low Hz traps, etc.) for optimizing the sound qualities of the A/V playback system.
Issue the Noise Criteria (NC) specification with the theater’s HVAC service guidelines for the Owner’s mechanical contractor to achieve the desired ambient noise levels, the comfort temperature for film viewing, and the cooling of A/V equipment.
Articulate the architectural features (e.g. – casings, beveled moldings, fluted columns, raised panel wainscot, proscenium arch, bookcases, etc.) to integrate both form and function into support of acoustical plan.
Submit drawings and specifications for isolated ground, dedicated electrical service to the theater room and A/V storage rack closet including call-outs for all-line commercial-grade powerline conditioner, the wiring, circuiting, and grounding specifications, and electrical outlets (i.e. – 3-wire traditional and GFI).
Coordinate with the Owner and A/V CI dealer to finalize A/V Playback Systems plan to fit the use (i.e. – entertainment functions) and applications (film, music, interactive gaming). Specify the wiring interconnect strategy and provisions for future adaptability via eFutureReadySM standard of readiness. Provide options for Owner’s use of Unified Remote Control and programming.
Specify an acoustically transparent, qualified fabric materials for theater’s inner structure wrap-around to conceal acoustic treatments, in-wall speakers, subwoofers, and other project resident materials. Our intent of working with the Owner and interior design in selecting a fabric that brings the needed acoustic performance and aesthetic balance to the room.
Team-like coordination between the Owner, architect, the general contractor, and building trades to bring about a seamless integration of our designer plans inside the larger construction project. A continual commitment to follow-through and timely, clear communications are eminently powerful predictors of a smooth project process and on-time completion.
We seek that artful balance of on-site visits, in-person meetings, and off-site support with the Owner, architect, builder, designer, audio/video install team, and other project contributors to keep the project flowing. Following convergence tuning of the audio, video and room environment, and a full theater test and walk-through it’s a thumbs-up for the climatic “Go-Live” ceremony.

Touching All-The-Bases to Home

Our team’s experience encompasses the three (3) disciplines behind all home theaters – design, build, and tune. With technical training and real-world experience in acoustics, audio and video systems, physics, psychoacoustics, user interface design, IT, and electrical theory the only thing we enjoy more than learning something new is applying it for the benefit of our clients. Our custom building and cabinet-making skills give us a feel for how it looks on paper and what it looks like in real life. Consulting on the A/V systems cabinetry, with our knowledge of thermal management, is important to maintain proper ventilation and temperature control of all electronics for reliable use and extended life. Before IP networks and structured wiring became a buzzword associated with residential homes we were soldering custom cabling and building multidrop LAN/WAN communication networks. And since no home theater, listening, or interactive gaming getaway is complete without fully calibrating and testing the audio, video, and room interface we have extensive industry and test instrument certifications along with an insatiable appetite for continued education. This, in turn, gives us the tools and ingenuity to bring Immersive RealismTM to our clients, and years of continued enjoyment.

We strike a balance between learning and doing that few design companies for the home theater, listening, and interactive gaming markets possess. How can we be of service to you?