Design a World-Class Theater (Gallery)

More than a tagline to our company, design is in our DNA. There’s so much to pay attention to in the building of a world-class private theater. We don’t leave outcomes to chance. You may have read elsewhere in our site the notion of Genius loci. It means “the genius of the place.” Every private theater we build has its own unique qualities; a personality just for that theater. These qualities come from our client’s own priorities as to how their private theater should look and feel. They form the canvas for our design. The aesthetic (look) is fused with the function (an immersive multimedia experience for film, music and/or interactive gaming). Creative ideas from our client and stakeholders provide a direction to articulate in the design.

The architectural designs and supporting documentation become a theater’s construction standards. The materials for construction and the building methods are described for clarity of reference and like conversations with the building contractor and building trades. Our success is determined by how well they work together with us to bring our designs into reality. When a one-mind construction is achieved then higher levels of Immersive RealismTM are witnessed with every use of their private theater.

Here’s an example of theater design, minus the site workbook containing all the supporting documentation for a project’s in-the-field construction standards. Just click on a photo to enlarge for viewing and proceed to use the arrow navigation in the photo frame.

We bring dreams to life by designTM.