Construction Standards

What Happens Here:

The guidelines for builder and building trades are submitted. The inner structural elements, outer framing, nailing standards, RC installation guidelines, flooring, steps and underlying bass management design, sound isolation practices, door/door sweeps, and inner structural enclosure are identified for a peak-performing venue.


Oftentimes, addressing potential misunderstandings on building methods, materials, and the usual gray space that characterizes some aspects of custom construction of a home theater, listening area, and interactive gaming getaway before they happen saves time and smooths the edges of a project. Hi-Definition Living issues a project cookbook to accompany our design drawings. Interested stakeholders in the build-out of these dedicated rooms can often go right to the project cookbook for various and sundry answers to common questions, experiences, and how-to diagrams that are proven to be helpful in effectively and efficiently constructing these spaces. We believe in nipping problems in the bud or as someone told me – “measure twice and cut once.”


Computer – generated drawings and project cookbook.