A/V Playback Systems

What Happens Here:

Coordinate with the Owner and A/V Custom Installation dealer to finalize A/V Playback Systems plan to fit the use (i.e. – entertainment functions) and applications (film, music, interactive gaming). Specify the wiring interconnect strategy and provisions for future adaptability. Provide options for Owner’s use of Unified Remote Control and programming.


Certain A/V systems components (i.e. – amplifiers, surround processors, subwoofers) and especially loudspeakers are better suited for harmonizing with your home theater room. Does that mean a specific, preferred A/V component the Owner desires will not work under any circumstance? Well, no. It is a matter of degree. However, this is truer of loudspeakers than any other A/V component. A loudspeaker’s radial patterns of producing waveforms and the nature of the room’s acoustics need to be taken into account to realize smoother, as-the-film-director intended, playback performance.


Coordination of phone conversations, demonstrations, and correspondence between the Owner and A/V CI dealer as necessary to complete the A/V system selections on recommendations from Hi-Definition Living. A work order based on equipment makes, models, and quantities is performed.