Architectural Features

What Happens Here:

Articulate the architectural features (e.g. – casings, beveled moldings, fluted columns, raised panel wainscot, proscenium arch, bookcases, etc.) to integrate both form and function into support of acoustical plan.


Should you visit Graceland, the Nashville home of Elvis Presley, you will see wild changes in décor from room to room (i.e. – the shag carpeting on the walls of one room). This is the opposite of the style continuity most interior designers and architects prefer to weave from one room to the next. Casings, moldings, columns – you name it – can add beauty to the room and detract from the quality of the film experience, or enhance it. The same is true for an acoustics first, aesthetics later approach.

Hi-Definition Living undertakes home theater design to achieve a balance in styling of interior design treatments and the use of acoustic engineering materials. Certain architectural features actually improve acoustic performance. We keep a wide-berth of openness to explore new combinations in design and acoustic engineering to see that a room reaches its potential acoustically and visually.


Computer – generated drawings and project cookbook.