Acoustically Transparent Fabrics

What Happens Here:

Specify an acoustically transparent, qualified fabric material for theater’s inner structure wrap-around to conceal acoustic treatments, in-wall speakers, subwoofers, and other project resident materials. We will work with the Owner and design team in selecting a fabric that brings the needed acoustic performance and aesthetic balance to the room.


While there are other alternatives to flexible wall construction than those involving the stretching of fabric over acoustic devices and, specifically, loudspeakers – the front speakers, surrounds, and subwoofers) none offer the concealment from the listening area and the transparency of operation. The use of acoustically transparent fabric contributes far less influence on acoustic and visual / aesthetic balance of the room and its performance.

In our estimation the use of fabrics, to span and cover walls and ceilings, is a more elegant solution with fewer drawbacks. There is a wealth of choices from many different textile manufacturers – Guilford, Knoll, ArcCom, and Maharam, Acustone, and Acoustic Innovations among them.


Develop a memo and obtain a sample of the tested and approved fabric to supply
the Owner and architect.