Services Focus

The Focus of our Design-Build-Tune Services

Hi-Definition Living designs, builds, and tunes world-class theater, listening, and interactive gaming environments. The best experiences, the Immersive RealismTM variety, incorporate genuine acoustical engineering and noise reduction disciplines far surpassing what audio-video (A/V) equipment and conventional building methods alone will provide. The laws of physics, quantum mechanics, color theory, and acoustics will play out in every private theater whether you pay attention to them or not. Our clients acquire our design-build-tune services to pay close attention to the details.

New construction and expansion projects provide homeowners with the prime opportunity to realize the greatest ROI from their Sight and Sound investments. Get us involved during the Design (DD architectural) phase of planning to consult on the acoustical, structural, mechanical and electrical design of your audio, video, and interactive gaming supported residential areas. If we are building a private theater from the ground up this is the sweet spot for our core IMPACTSM services. For more on IMPACTSM take a look at the pages The Zen of IMPACTSM and “Design-Build-Tune” Services.

More than our “catch phrase” once you experience Immersive RealismTM anything less is, well, less. With it your experience and overall connection to the movie, soundtrack, HD programming or game is heightened. The following illustration depicts a golden box. That’s where you want to be. If you are in one of the other three (3) boxes your overall experience is lessened. It’s the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between them. Would Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ridley Scott, J.J. Abrams Et al. recognize the nuances of their work if they were sitting with you? If you were inside the Magic Quadrant they would be all smiles and so would you.