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What you see and hear

Vinyl Records are b-a-a-c-k.

CD/Vinyl Crossbreed Record Debuts

To many audio acolytes the vinyl record remains the best playback format. The uncompressed, analog pulses are untouched by digital ones and zeros. CD and DVD formats have long since overtaken the vinyl disc in popularity. That doesn’t mean, though, there isn’t life in this tried-and-true format. Musician Jeff Mills’ new project ‘The Occurrence’ comes […]

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Luxury Movie Theaters Taking Off

The folks at Australia-based Village Roadshow have long had their eyes on entering U.S. markets with their Gold Class Cinemas. Through a joint venture they now have locations in Central U.S., California, and Washington with plans targeting all major U.S. cities over the next 5 years. “We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about this exciting venture,” […]

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Dolby Labs: Hear From The Pros

Dolby Laboratories is a leader in audio entertainment. Dolby Digital is the “reigning standard in surround sound technology, found in thousands of cinemas and millions of homes worldwide. With Dolby Digital you experience compelling 5.1-channel surround sound whether you’re watching—a DVD or Blu-ray Disc™, TV programming, or downloaded content.” If you’re curious about the alpha […]

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This Is Your Brain on Music

Some songs tunnel down deep inside of us. The sound engineer who mixed the music will tell you that’s what they’re after. Prof. Daniel Levitin goes further explaining how a particular sequence of rhythms, timbres, and pitches cause a reaction in your brain. A number of physical changes take place in your brain as you […]

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Want to Rewire Your Brain? Study Music

If you are a musician, all the years of training and playing has other benefits. Music training serves as mind therapy and in working with people. The Northwestern University in Chicago study has evidence of how your brain undergoes a change, a greater sensitivity to emotion-laced, complex sounds while being less distracted by simple sounds. […]

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LCD vs. Plasma: Off the Mat

Your choice of video display for your multimedia area looked like a TKO for LCD panels over Plasma last year. Not so fast, the consolidation of the plasma market fell into Panasonic’s lap and this year there is more momentum, a come back of sorts underway for Plasma screens. No, it’s not experiencing growth like […]

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