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When it’s good it’s very good.

The Return of James Cameron

I came across this article in The New Yorker and its under-your-skin look at James Cameron, Director of Avatar. Mr. Cameron, the bright fellow he is, has mastered every job on the movie set. Having no lack of ego, he has reason to be upbeat because he takes on the most ambitious projects in Hollywood, […]

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IMAX – Riding the 3D Wave

Forbes Video Network has an assessment of IMAX’s fortunes over the coming years with a retrospective of their position in 3D delivery at over 400 locations.  The prospects are upbeat considering their conversation with the head of IMAX, who acquired IMAX in 1994, says they are poised to turn profitable this year.  This may seem […]

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Charlie Rose Q&A: James Cameron

Master Interviewer Charlie Rose met with James Cameron, Director of Avatar, to discuss behind-the-scenes matters to bring ‘Avatar’ to market. Here’s an excerpt of the interview and Cameron’s comments regarding the rumored cost of production, “We knew what the negatives were: We didn’t have stars, there was no prior art, it wasn’t part of a […]

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King of the World (Again)

James Cameron has the distinction of directing the two (2) highest grossing movies of all time, Titanic, and now, Avatar. He is the subject of the Business Week February 1st cover story “King of the World (Again)”. The article calls Mr. Cameron “the most important commercial force in modern film” and says there are $1.64 […]

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