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Apple iPad: Coming to Theaters Near You

Just 80 days since initial shipments, sales of the Apple iPad have top 3 million and are accelerating. As the iPad comes to life, many other product segments are seeing better days pass them by. Features, functions, footprint; the iPad has the bases covered. Apple is holding back on more (i.e. – camera, phone, USB, […]

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Control Your PC From Your iPhone

Many of us use “cloud” services already. These are apps that you access over the web. They don’t reside on your desktop. Smartphones like the Apple iPhone use these “cloud” services all of the time. If you want to lighten your travel load the day is coming soon where your laptop becomes mostly a smaller […]

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Scorsese and DiCaprio: The Director-Actor Team

If you love films you must have director Martin Scorsese on your list. His most recent film “Shutter Island” adds not only to his cinematic legend but showcases the power of his work with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Such a dynamic duo – one behind the camera, the other on the camera – has happened in […]

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The Rise of the Tablet Device: Why Care

Here at HD Living we are keeping an eye on the Tablet computing category where the iPad plays. Part of the attraction is curiousity. I’ve seen interest stirring in this category before going back to the 1980s. My brother had an Apple Newton, there was Pen Computing, et al. It never took off. Why? I […]

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