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Believe what you play.

Microsoft Kinect: Controller-Free Entertainment

On the surface it’s interesting. A hands-free gaming system to woo you from the Nintendo Wii. That will take a lot of doing given the 4-year lead by the category creator, Nintendo, not to mention the some 70,000,000 consoles sold worldwide. That’s 30,000,000 more than Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Still, you wonder when Microsoft will get […]

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Apple iPad: Coming to Theaters Near You

Just 80 days since initial shipments, sales of the Apple iPad have top 3 million and are accelerating. As the iPad comes to life, many other product segments are seeing better days pass them by. Features, functions, footprint; the iPad has the bases covered. Apple is holding back on more (i.e. – camera, phone, USB, […]

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Apple iPad Announcement

With the announcement of the Apple iPad a number of industry segments are on notice – change or be blown away. The iPad is Dirty Harry for touchscreens, laptops, smartphones, and other “vision” devices. Yes, smartphones, too. A couple of features in the iPad are noticeably missing; phone capability being one of them. “Not now,” […]

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How Movies Activate Your Neural G-Spot

MindSign co-founder, Philip Carlsen, foresees a future to ushering in the age of “neurocinema” a real-time monitoring of the brain and its reaction to movies. It is what’s behind their idea of attaining an optimized movie-going experience “where every instant is calculated to tickle your neural G-Spot – all thanks to a functional magnetic resonance […]

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