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Control Your PC From Your iPhone

Many of us use “cloud” services already. These are apps that you access over the web. They don’t reside on your desktop. Smartphones like the Apple iPhone use these “cloud” services all of the time. If you want to lighten your travel load the day is coming soon where your laptop becomes mostly a smaller […]

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The Rise of the Tablet Device: Why Care

Here at HD Living we are keeping an eye on the Tablet computing category where the iPad plays. Part of the attraction is curiousity. I’ve seen interest stirring in this category before going back to the 1980s. My brother had an Apple Newton, there was Pen Computing, et al. It never took off. Why? I […]

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Apple iPad Announcement

With the announcement of the Apple iPad a number of industry segments are on notice – change or be blown away. The iPad is Dirty Harry for touchscreens, laptops, smartphones, and other “vision” devices. Yes, smartphones, too. A couple of features in the iPad are noticeably missing; phone capability being one of them. “Not now,” […]

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Apple Files For Home Energy Patents

It’s not enough that Apple has their eye on your management of music and video. It appears they want to corner the home energy management sector, too. A CNET Green Tech article indicates that Apple has applied for two (2) patents to lower electric bills “by optimizing how power is supplied to various electronics, such […]

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