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Jonah Hex and Hollywood Facial Disfigurement

I wondered how to preface this subject. I get a little queasy thinking about it but really, it’s Hollywood magic, that’s all. There’s a reason for it found in every movie script. So with due respect to the many actors who have had their faces altered we thank you for the many hours of makeup […]

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Let’s Talk American Western Movies

The Western movie; around ever since the days of the silent movie. The folks at Metacritic came up with the list of the best and worst westerns of the past 25 years. Glad they decided 25 years vs. “all-time” or we’d be here for awhile. Do you know which famous actor/director won multiple Oscars for […]

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Scorsese and DiCaprio: The Director-Actor Team

If you love films you must have director Martin Scorsese on your list. His most recent film “Shutter Island” adds not only to his cinematic legend but showcases the power of his work with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Such a dynamic duo – one behind the camera, the other on the camera – has happened in […]

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