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Brain Research Finds Music Heals

Music for the body and soul. By now it should be self-evident that music is a gift from our creator. We are wired to be receptive to and changed by it. Are you surprised to read this? Scientific research goes about the task of showing why and how this happens. In the meantime, listen to […]

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This Is Your Brain on Music

Some songs tunnel down deep inside of us. The sound engineer who mixed the music will tell you that’s what they’re after. Prof. Daniel Levitin goes further explaining how a particular sequence of rhythms, timbres, and pitches cause a reaction in your brain. A number of physical changes take place in your brain as you […]

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Want to Rewire Your Brain? Study Music

If you are a musician, all the years of training and playing has other benefits. Music training serves as mind therapy and in working with people. The Northwestern University in Chicago study has evidence of how your brain undergoes a change, a greater sensitivity to emotion-laced, complex sounds while being less distracted by simple sounds. […]

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Super Bowl 47 Halftime Show: The Who

Ever since the Janet Jackson “wardrobe failure” the Super Bowl halftime show has gone to more predictable primetime artists. This year “The Who” graced the gridiron stage. What an irony. In their days of greatness “The Who” could be called many things; safe was not one of them. Singer Roger Daltrey and guitarist/songwriter Pete Townsend […]

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