About Us

Our Philosophy

We help our clients navigate through the noise of the digital electronics “sight and sound” marketplace. Our clients come from all walks of life and share a passion for film, music, and interactive gaming. They pursue out-of-the-ordinary experiences. We design and build areas for their private time, family time, friends and neighbor’s time, and business socializing time. Our goal for all clients is enabling Immersive RealismTM experiences in film, music, and interactive gaming that suspends disbelief to a place where “perception is your reality.”

Areas of Expertise

We support a team spirit that says “Understand it, then apply it.” With degrees and real-world experience in acoustics, audio and video systems, physics, user interface design, psychoacoustics, electrical theory and information technology (IT) the only thing we enjoy more than learning something new is applying it for the benefit of our clients. Our extensive industry training includes THX, ISF, HAA, test instrument certifications, and CEDIA curriculum. Our custom furniture and cabinet-making skills give us a feel for how it looks on paper and what it looks like in real life. Applying the understanding thermal management sciences is important to maintain proper ventilation and temperature control of all electronics for reliable use and extended life. Our projects and all-important convergence tuning processes are shaped by 1) Hi-Definition Living’s constraint-based room modeling technologies, 2) THX home theater certification guidelines, 3) ISF and SMPTE standards for display performance, and 4) HAA procedures and best practices for acoustically optimizing the Room – A/V system interface to attain playback performance inside the magic quadrant of Immersive RealismTM.

We figure that pushing the limits of science will open up more opportunities for our clients to participate in one of the more sublime experiences in life.