How Movies Activate Your Neural G-Spot

MindSign co-founder, Philip Carlsen, foresees a future to ushering in the age of “neurocinema” a real-time monitoring of the brain and its reaction to movies. It is what’s behind their idea of attaining an optimized movie-going experience “where every instant is calculated to tickle your neural G-Spot – all thanks to a functional magnetic resonance imaging, soon to be every director’s best friend.”

Well, my fellow readers and film lovers, you just knew this was coming.  Your eyes are the windows to your emotions.  If they can be monitored, as this article claims you will almost certainly be in store for a more -connected, immersive experience in your movie-watching hours.  As the article relates, the good news is once they know what you want, it can give you more of the same.  This gives new meaning to the term “alternate ending”.

For a eyes-open look at this technology go to Wired Magazine at

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