Wanted: Musical Minds, Lightning Not Required

Tony is an orthopedic surgeon who had no formal musical training. One summer day, he was struck by a bolt of lightning. He is now a composer and performer, playing to sell-out audiences. “I thought that the only reason that I was allowed to live was because of the music,” he says. This is but one of the many people changed by or to music. This is a quest of Dr. Oliver Sacks, a neurologist, and the writer of many acclaimed books. His books are filled with “compelling stories of his patients, ordinary people coping with extraordinary neurological conditions.”

His book “Awakenings,” about his work with catatonic patients, was made into the 1990 film starring Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams. His latest book, “Musicophilia” explores the connection between music and the human brain (www.amazon.com).

The folks at PBS and their NOVA series have a wonderful website with videos, interviews, transcripts and perspectives of our connection to the world of music. It should strike a chord in you, too. Visit the PBS site here > .

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