Apple iPad: Coming to Theaters Near You

Just 80 days since initial shipments, sales of the Apple iPad have top 3 million and are accelerating. As the iPad comes to life, many other product segments are seeing better days pass them by. Features, functions, footprint; the iPad has the bases covered. Apple is holding back on more (i.e. – camera, phone, USB, …) to whet our appetites.

In this Forbes Video Network feature > we take a look back at the January 27th announcement. Hear what a number of Hi-Tech leaders said (with 20/20 hindsight). With the iPad today’s laptop computers better days are numbered. Hand-held touchscreen control systems; they’re done as burnt toast. The iPad will be popular with our theater clients to operate their private theater’s A/V, lighting control, and HVAC. Buckle up.

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