Let’s Talk American Western Movies

The Western movie; around ever since the days of the silent movie. The folks at Metacritic came up with the list of the best and worst westerns of the past 25 years. Glad they decided 25 years vs. “all-time” or we’d be here for awhile. Do you know which famous actor/director won multiple Oscars for one movie while holding the distinction in this article for having directed and starred in the worst western of the past 25 years? That would be … Kevin Costner. He won multiple Oscars for “Dances with Wolves” and multiple thumbs-down for “The Postman.”

For my tastes, I can watch any Clint Eastwood acted western and enjoy it. I like him more consistently than even (bow your head, please) Marion Morrison, I mean, John Wayne. I am looking forward to seeing Josh Brolin in “Jonah Hex,” too. And although you’ll likely remember Russell Crowe’s work in “3:10 to Yuma” what other western did he have a role in? That would be “The Quick and the Dead” (1995). Catch up on your Western trivia with Metacritic >.

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